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One small change makes a big difference.

Ask your local pub, bar, restaurant or take-away to take our plastic-free pledge. If your business would like to make a move towards more sustainable solutions, see our information page for businesses.


Check out the alternatives to straws or download it here: Buyer's Guide.

Want to get involved in the campaign? Please contact us to volunteer.


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  • Do you want to help us by becoming a part of our Ocean Guardians team?

  • Whether you just want to get your favourite local bar, pub or restaurant to sign up to be an Ocean Hero or you want to get more involved and help us by visiting several businesses in your area, we want to hear from you! 

  • By becoming an Ocean Guardian, you can help us encourage more businesses to avoid single use plastic and protect our oceans.

  • To show businesses sustainable alternatives, we can send you a sample pack that includes compostable straws, drinking cups, stirrers, cutlery, food preparation gloves, bin liners and more. The sample pack also includes a fact sheet, a pledge form and a sample product list. Please print out more of these to give to the businesses you visit. Please email us for more details.


  • Before visiting businesses, familiarise yourself with the fact sheet and pledge form. If you would like electronic copies for printing or sharing online, email us.

  • You can take our sample pack and fact sheet to cafes, bars, restaurants and caterers near you and encourage them to take our Ocean Hero business pledge.


  • Please collect and send us details of the businesses you visit so we can record their interest. Try to note down as much as possible such as the business name, the name of the manager or owner, phone number, email address, business address, how keen are they (1=low, 5=high) and which single-use plastic products they currently use.


  • Before a business signs our pledge, ensure they are happy to discontinue the purchase and use of single-use plastic straws, cutlery, stirrers, food containers, cups and helium balloons. They can use reusable or compostable alternatives instead.


  • Before a business signs our pledge, ensure they understand important plastic terminology. This can be found on the fact sheet. Here is a reminder:

Degradable plastic fragments over a number of years resulting in small bits of plastic that do not compost. Degradable plastic cannot be recycled with conventional plastic due to its fragmentation over time.

Biodegradable plastic breaks down to natural elements. This may take a very long time and could leave toxic residues.

Compostable plastic breaks down within a short time period in industrial composting conditions without leaving toxic residues. It can be disposed of with food waste. It also embeds less carbon than conventional plastic. 


  • Once a business has signed our pledge, please scan and send the signed copy to us at info [at] We will then send an Ocean Hero certificate to the business and support them with advice, a discount with a supplier, a networking forum to discuss tips with other businesses, promotional materials and data on saved carbon and waste.

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