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Media City tops plastic-free league table

The team at SeaStraw have been out surveying local food & drinks businesses to see how many establishments are still handing out plastic straws and how many have taken the simple step to move away from single-use plastic. The results are interesting!

SeaStraw volunteers (known as Ocean Guardians) hit the streets, visiting each pub, bar, restaurant and take away in several areas of Greater Manchester: Media City, the Northern Quarter, Didsbury, West Didsbury, Chorlton and Urmston to speak to businesses and gauge progress on reducing plastic use.

Media City (including the Lowry Outlet Mall) tops the list with over 80% of businesses having moved away from plastic to more sustainable alternatives.

Mayor, Andy Burnham, has pledged that Greater Manchester will be single-use plastic free by 2020 and SeaStraw are very keen to see that happen and regularly campaign and assist businesses to find alternatives, but there is still a long way to go.

Caroline Robertson-Brown, co-founder of SeaStraw said “we know that giving up single-use plastic straws is not enough to save our oceans, but if we cannot do this very simple thing, then it is hard to see how we are going to make the bigger changes that will” she went on to say “SeaStraw was setup by a scuba diving, ocean loving family who have seen the damaging effects plastics are having on marine life first hand. We want to do anything we can to help”

SeaStraw have asked businesses to pledge to give up single-use plastic items such as straws, cups, food trays and helium balloons. Those that have, Ocean Heroes, are listed on the website and can be seen on their map too.

The results in full

% of food & drink businesses that DO NOT give out single-use plastic straws

Media City = 82%

Northern Quarter = 72%

West Didsbury = 66%

Didsbury = 62%

Chorlton = 61%

Urmston = 50%

SeaStraw visited over 200 businesses across Greater Manchester. Many businesses are really enthusiastic about supporting the reduction in single-use plastic and SeaStraw volunteers have signed up 160 businesses to their pledge. SeaStraw are working closely with Plastic Free Greater Manchester and Manchester Friends of the Earth to help the city become a more ocean-friendly place.

“There has certainly been a “Blue Planet Effect” say Nick Robertson-Brown, co-founder of SeaStraw. “When we first started out a couple of years ago many people had no idea about the scale of the plastic problem in our oceans. Now when we visit establishments or talk to groups, they all mention that they have seen the terrible effects on the BBC series. We hope this will help galvanize the movement even more.”

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